The Journey

In August of 2015, I went to the doctor to get my annual physical. We were casually talking and she had mentioned to me that her wife had Bariatric Surgery (a.k.a. weight loss surgery) and that was that about our conversation.

I went home that night and couldn’t get my doctor’s comment out of my mind, so the next day I called her to ask her more questions about her wife’s surgery. Then my doctor asked me the Golden question, “Have you ever considered Bariatric Surgery?” I said no, not until just now!

Earlier this year in February, I completed my studies as a Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). I am approximately 170 pounds overweight. My thought was with the proper education I could lose the weight. Well, here it is 10 months later and I am still at the same weight.

I realized that sometimes you have to have additional tools. Once my doctor asked me that Golden question, I wanted to add Bariatric Surgery to my tool belt.

Since September 2015, I have been on this journey to get Bariatric Surgery. With the insurance I have, I have to see a Nutritionist or my Primary Care Provider for 6 months prior to the insurance considering me for surgery. My hopes are that I will receive my surgery in February 2016.

I am new to blogging, this is actually my very first post! I decided to start a blog because I hope that I can help someone else who is considering this journey, by reading my blog, watching my videos (I hope to learn how to do that) or by talking to me. I became a Health Coach to help people after all! Jen Baer