Flabby Arms

It has been over six months since I had surgery, down 80 pounds and I have been slacking on my exercises (not to mention my blog)! I am bummed I didn’t start earlier in my journey, but I am starting now. My doctor says that I shouldn’t criticize my body until I am at least a year out because it is still changing so much, which I am not but there is room for improvement. I want to have defined arms again. I miss that. 
I save all of these exercises on Pinterest but have never done them until tonight! I am going to focus on one area of my body over the next 30 days. Which happens to be my flabby arms. 
I am inspired by my daughter and her best friend, they have been doing crunches over 30 days and I am seeing definition in their abs. I am also seeing how much strength they are gaining. I also miss that. 
Tonight I completed the exercises 3 times. I wanted to quit so bad after the first round but my cheerleader was here to help me get through it all. I then went for a walk afterwards but only because my dog needed it. 
My goal in putting this video together is to see my transformation and maybe in the process I can inspire someone else!​



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