It’s Finally Here!!

keep-calm-its-finally-here-6I went to pre-op on Friday and got pre-registered for surgery. They also had to take some blood and an EKG, both looked great. Then Friday night, my best friend took me out to dinner for my birthday. I have been wanting to go to this restaurant for years and she took me. It’s called the Melting Pot and it’s a fondue restaurant. It was a very cool experience.

Saturday morning I had to start my clear liquid diet. I was dreading this…how could I not eat for two flippin’ days? I bought Isopure which is a protein drink (clear), jello and chicken broth. I could barely down the Isopure, I am a little bummed because I bought 12, they taste pretty nasty and they are so expensive! I only drank one on Saturday and one on Sunday, I will save the rest for my liquid diet after surgery. I mostly stuck to water just because that’s what tasted best.

Saturday, I was pretty useless, my intentions were to clean and get everything ready. I have been so anxious about surgery that I woke up at 6am. I ended up going back to bed about 8 and slept til 10. I went and did my taxes, came home and vegged. I had no energy, my mind could only think…this house needs to be cleaned! I ended up taking two more cat naps during the day.

Sunday, I had more energy but I could only clean a little and then have to take a rest. I don’t think it was so much because I didn’t have any food but more because I have had no energy for a while now. But here it is, after 1am and I just got done cleaning.

I will be waking up in a couple of hours (literally) to start getting ready to go to the hospital. My friend is coming at 4:45 so I can be at the hospital to check in at 5:30am. What a great friend, huh? I can’t drink anything now, which kinda sucks because my throat is dry, but I got thru the 2-day liquid diet, I can get thru this. I am so excited for my journey to begin, but I will have to write later because I am finally getting tired.

Wish me luck!