I have a date!!!!!

Surgery Date

I guess if I want to have a successful blog, I need to actually blog! Oh my gosh, over another month has gone by!! How does this happen??

I have wonderful news though!!! I have a date! I told a few friends that I have a date and they said, “really? What is his name, where did you meet him” HAHAHA! Oh geez, I guess that is how people think when you are a single woman. I had to then explain that I have a date for my surgery. I think I crushed their bubble.

I have been approved by my insurance and I have a confirmed surgery date. I have my pre-op appointment tomorrow and then surgery on Monday. YEAH! I am so stinking happy.

Today is also my birthday and I came to work and my desk was decorated, I had a card from everyone, beautiful flowers and cake! I know I will have to savor the cake as I won’t be able to have any more…until next birthday maybe. I feel so loved. Friends have posted on my Facebook, I have gotten texts and phone calls. Then in 4 days, I will have surgery. I am 44 and I feel like I am just starting to live my life. This is exciting for me. I am ready to be pain-free. Two of my friends told me how brave I am for having the surgery. I never really thought of it as being brave, but I have to cheer anyone who is willing to go thru this to better their health and life!

I will have to start a clear liquid diet (for surgery) on Saturday which I am a little nervous about. But it is only two days so I think I can handle it. Hopefully I will post this weekend and let you know how that clear liquid diet is going. I may even get enough guts to post some before pictures (of my body)…that’s still up for debate though.