New Year, New You!

New Year New YouI took a couple of days off to spend with my wonderful girls.

So, it truly is a new year and I am on my way to a new me. WOW! I am so excited. I am working on so many different things.

  • I am making a journal of things I want to do – Inspiration came from this website here. I really like her ideas, I am not sure if mine will be as fancy.
  • I am cleaning out clothes in my room – Donating ones I haven’t used in a year or two. Putting the ones that are too small away.
  • I am getting organized – Filing all of my papers. I really need to go electronic
  • I am making a food calendar – I will have to change my eating habits and eliminate a lot of food
  • I am making an exercise calendar – I will have to start making my body strong for surgery.

I am moving, so this is a perfect time to purge stuff that I do not need anymore. This also includes some of the relationships in my life that aren’t serving me as the healthy new me.

This is all in preparation of my surgery. I don’t know exactly what all of this looks like, but I will share once I am done.