Happy New Year!

Happy New YearI am so excited for 2016 to come and 2015 to be put behind me. 2015 wasn’t a bad year; I am just ready to be done with it. I am looking forward to my new goals for 2016. I don’t really make resolutions because I rarely stick to them.

A wise woman (a.k.a. my best friend) asked me where I want to see myself one year from now. I sent her my list, on my list was to be around or under 250 pounds. I don’t know how much weight I should lose after surgery, as I think each person is different. I used a calculator on this website and it said “if I have the Gastric Sleeve Surgery, I can expect to lose 131 lbs. from gastric sleeve surgery. My new weight will be 219 lbs. after gastric sleeve surgery”. Now, this is total, the calculator does not give me a time frame. It is my understanding that I will not lose as much weight with the gastric sleeve as I can with other surgeries. My surgeon, Dr. Snyder recommended that to me because of my lifestyle. I feel pretty confident in his choice!

Now, there is a lot of planning I need to do in the 2 short months I have before surgery. So keep reading…there’s more to come.